Cherry Tomatoes

I wanted to just add a quick post on cherry tomatoes!  Oh my gosh, I took a bite and it basically sprayed everywhere.  So my first impression was ahhhh what a mess.   Apparently you do not take little bites of these, that is not possible.  haha You basically just have to eat the whole … Continue reading Cherry Tomatoes


The Other Quesadilla

As in the chicken quesadilla which was always ruining my perfectly good cheese quesadillas at restaurants!  All I every wanted when I ordered a plain cheese quesadilla, was to have nothing else besides cheese inside of it, nothing else touching it and nothing else put on top of it. However, now that I have actually … Continue reading The Other Quesadilla

Taco Soup

I tried taco soup for the first time at ladies night the other day!  I just want to take a moment to say how thankful I am am and how nice it is to finally be able to just have what everyone else is having at these ladies nights.  I have been able to try a … Continue reading Taco Soup