Cheese, Honey and Raisin Panini

One of the things I have always loved is grilled cheese sandwiches!  A good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich is the best and always will be in my book!  In Belgium there are a lot of Croque Monsier’s which are grilled cheese sandwiches but also with ham in them which are also very good.

Recently though I have been eating this new variation of a cheese sandwich as a toasted panini for lunch as well and it is just delicious and definitely healthier with fresh ingredients and no butter.  It is a toasted panini with some really good chevre cheese, delicious truffle honey spread on a raisin multi-grain bread.  I have had several different combinations of this changing up the types cheese and the bread.  For example you can also have a nice sweet honey on a fresh baguette with brie and apple as well.  The key is to have the cheese component the honey sweetness component, a really nice fresh bread, and the fruit sweetness component.  So if you have the sweetness from the raisins in the bread than you don’t need the apple.  The cheese can completely range from a nice brie to a goat’s cheese depending on how tart or earthy or tangy you want it to be and how sweet your other components are.  Enjoy!