About Me

20170219_091359Welcome to Picky Eater Adventures! My name is Jessica and I am a picky eater.  I have been a picky eater ever since I was 2 years old and my parents tried every trick in the book to “cure” me of my picky eating.  They tried making food fun to eat, hiding new foods in things I already ate, ignoring it, or simply having the food available on the table or on my plate.  Also coming from a very food-centric family there was a lot of pressure on both me and my parents to be more strict.  So my parents also tried stating that if I did not at least try what was being served for dinner than I couldn’t have anything.  This resulted in me not eating for several days.  They even tried taking me to several psychologist and psychiatrist visits all of which resulted in the reports coming back with me being perfectly healthy.  All of the responses they got from the doctors were along the line of, “She is healthy so don’t worry, she will grow out of it.”   Well guess what, I never grew out of it and I am still healthy.  Neither of my parents are picky eaters and I have two younger sisters as well who eat perfectly normal.  I am very lucky that my parents, my husband and my sisters have always been very supportive!  I always tried to not let this affect my social life and would still go out to eat at restaurants with my friends and family.  I started this blog as a personal goal to expand my diet with the hope that, if you are a picky eater or know someone who is a picky eater, my adventures with trying new foods will be inspiring and helpful to you as well!  I am so thrilled to say that I had a life changing experience November 26, 2016 and ever since have been able to start trying new foods and my whole entire life has changed!!!  It has been and continues to be a wonderful adventure and I would love to have you join me as I explore this whole new world of food, health, restaurants and cooking!!!

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