Baked Honey Garlic Chicken

So I tried this new recipe a couple weeks ago for dinner!  It is a baked honey garlic chicken dish and there sure is a lot of honey in it.  Basically I took the chicken and cut it up into small pieces about 1 inch each and then covered them with egg and breadcrumbs and then baked them in the oven.  I am still figuring out the best way to cut up the chicken so my pieces were all a little bit different in size and shape.  While the chicken is in the over you put together the honey garlic sauce which also has soy sauce it is as well.  Once the chicken in done in the over you throw it into the honey garlic sauce and cook and toss it all for a few minutes.  Then once it is done you sprinkle all the sesame seeds on top of everything.

There are a lot of different components going on with this recipe.  The chicken was not too chewy and cooked a little less than I have normally cooked it.  I was a bit concerned that I might have under cooked it at first but it was fine!  I think also part of this had to do with my pieces being cut up in different sizes so they all cooked just a little bit different.  For the taste you have salt and pepper and breadcrumbs on the outside of the chicken but then also the sweetness from the honey and some savoriness from the soy sauce.  I also really like the little bit of sesame seeds.  So this was quite a bit of tastes going on all at once.  For the texture I thought this would be a little crispier or crunchier from the breadcrumbs.

I don’t know if that is just the amount of time I cooked it or if that is really what it should be like.  I just expected it to be more similar to what it is like when I have fried in the breadcrumbs for the chicken cutlets.  So another successful dinner cooked and tried and I think I will try making this again!  Also thanks go to Megan Allen’s guide to eating good food and losing weight for this suggested recipe from!  Would love any suggestions of easy recipes to try that are healthy, you cook regularly, and really love to eat!


One thought on “Baked Honey Garlic Chicken

  1. judyrohrer says:

    That sounds like a good recipe Jessica! I will try it myself! I will also visit the recipe site you suggested. Nice post!

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