Grilled Chicken & Cheesy Cauliflower and KFC in Budapest!

For my last day in Budapest I was again able to try even more food!  So for breakfast I had more of those delicious little pogacsa cheese pastries!  Yum! 20170319_140037Then for lunch we went to this great restaurant and I tried ordering the grilled chicken with cheese covered cauliflower.  So this was interesting the cheese was good and it was strange with the cauliflower because you can’t really see if it was the top of the cauliflower or the stem part under the cheese and was a little bit difficult to cut into smaller pieces.  The cauliflower is kind of watery and chewy similar to broccoli but not as strong of a flavor as broccoli.  The chicken was under the cheese and cauliflower and on top of the french fries so you have some of the moisture from the cauliflower and fries that affect the chicken.  The chicken was cooked well but was a little bit difficult to cut on top of the french fries.  The taste was good and was moist and there is still that stick to your teeth type texture.  It is still strange to me that the chicken is cooked a little differently throughout the piece depending on if it is a thinner part or thicker part of the piece.  The french fries were good and crispy when they weren’t under the chicken but were kind of soggy if they were under it.  20170319_225340Then later for dinner more chicken with KFC for the first time!!! Isn’t that crazy, I can’t believe it!!!  I have been eyeing some of the places around Belgium with fried chicken thinking about trying it but just hadn’t yet so this worked out great.  I got three chicken wings and three chicken strips which turned out to be too much food for me but I thought I should take advantage and try both.  The chicken strips were pretty similar to other types of chicken I have had like the chicken nuggets or chicken cutlets but the chicken wings were definitely different and I wasn’t really sure how to eat them.  You kind of have to find the bone and twist them to then eat the chicken around the bone.  The actual consistency and texture and moisture of the chicken is different from the chicken strips to the chicken wings.  It is strange because the flavor is still very similar but the consistency is different.  The chicken wings are a little wetter and you have longer connected pieces when you eat it whereas for the chicken strips you can take more specific bites.  Both of them completely shocked me with the fried outside.  It was so spicy!  I didn’t think it would be so spicy but my mouth was definitely hot from the fried part.  They were both very crispy on the outside though with was good.  It was just the heat that I was not expecting.  So overall I am proud to have tried a lot of new and different foods and had a great time in Budapest!  My confidence with being able to truly try and eat anything grows with every new thing in every new restaurant at every new place I try!  I don’t have to have that nagging fear that I will be hungry when I go somewhere new anymore, it is an indescribable relief!


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