Cheese Pastries, Sausage & Potato, Hazelnut Cake and Hummus in Budapest!

Here my picky eating adventures in Budapest continued!  I had these delicious little cheese pastries called Pogacsa and they are a perfect little snack, so yummy! 20170318_115310 They are really light and fluffy and you can have them with cheese on top or there are some with different types of cheese in the middle and they are all so good.  Then for lunch we went to the Great Market Hall which was a fantastic building with farmer’s market, flea market, and food stalls combined so you had lots of different fresh fruits and vegetables, sausage, fish, souvenirs and restaurants.  I tried some of the dry sausage hanging up at the stall in the market and it is chewy and has a little kick of different flavor depending on which one you have.  The inside part of the sausage is a little softer than the outside part where the wrapping is. We stopped at one of the food stalls and got a few different things.  I had this dish with potatoes and sausage and onions for lunch.  The sausage was different from the other one I tried and was wetter because of the sauce and they were pretty large pieces of sausage.  20170318_123331The potatoes were alright and not my favorite way for potatoes to be cooked because they are such big pieces but you could break them into smaller pieces.  The onions were alright and mixed throughout but it was kind of hard to get a bite of everything at once.  I found I would mostly eat either the sausage or potato with onion but not really all three.  Overall it was pretty greasy, kind of heavy and just kind of wet.  20170318_150222Later in the afternoon we decided to get dessert and went to this great little place for coffee and hot chocolate and desserts!  I had this hazelnut cake that was really delicious.  The hazelnut cake had what seemed like a cream cheese frosting throughout and was really moist and flavorful.  You could really taste the hazelnut and the balance between the cake and frosting was great.  Then for dinner we went to this great little hummus bar.  It was such a cool place and you could see them making the fresh pita bread right there and it smelled really good. 20170318_184719 So you could order all sorts of different things with hummus.  I ordered Hummus Shawarma which has the hummus all around the bowl and then pieces of chicken chopped up with some other spices mixed in.  The pita bread was really fresh and warm and the hummus was pretty smooth and flavorful.  It reminds me of peanut butter because it is smooth and soft but is a little grittier than peanut butter.  The chicken with the spices was cooked well with little pieces throughout the dish.  I am still getting used to chicken and this was cooked a little differently and the pieces were all a little different in size.  This was a lot of hummus for me but went well with the bread and chicken.  You had a lot of soft foods together with the pita bread, the smooth hummus and then the chewy soft chicken with a little bit of spice in there.  Overall, it was interesting and the restaurant was really cute!



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