Trying Japanese Food

So I went to a Japanese restaurant this week with some friends called Kabuki.  When I could tell the conversation was leaning towards a Japanese restaurant I initially started getting nervous.  In the past that would have been my queue to try and suggest we go somewhere else where there would be something I could eat or debate whether or not I should go.  I would look up the menu and be nervous about all the awkward conversations it would bring up when I didn’t order anything.  I would have to plan to eat something ahead of time so I wouldn’t be hungry throughout all of dinner.  But this time, as the restaurant was being decided on, I am happy to say I just sat back and told myself, “Ok, this is an opportunity for you to try Japanese.”  I was not a bundle of nerves before dinner but I will say I looked at the menu beforehand to see what the options would be.

When we got there I asked for recommendations for something on the easier side to try for someone new to Japanese cuisine.  Then the crazy part is I was actually able to take their recommendations.  I wound up ordering the Toridon which was “riz avec poulet pané à sauce teriyaki” in French or Rice with Breaded Chicken with Teriyaki sauce.  So I was surprised with the way the dish was presented with the rice separate with a fried egg on top and then the chicken with the sauce on it.  Although I was surprised with the egg I went ahead and broke the yoke and let it seep into the rice.  Then I realized we had no silverware!  Ahhhh.  I have never had to use chopsticks before.  I am still just getting used to normal silverware no less chopsticks!  I was actually able to use them reasonably well considering but was relieved when one of the other girls said she needed silverware as well so several of us switched to normal silverware.  So the chicken was actually similar to chicken cutlets where you have the outside all crispy and the inside a thinner piece of chicken.  This also had the teriyaki sauce on it which was actually kind of sweet which I didn’t expect.  Then the rice also had some teriyaki sauce in it and then the egg yolk.  The egg yolk parts made the rice much wetter and you definitely had the combination in flavor from the egg and the sauce.  I also tried a little bit of the seaweed salad and tried a couple pieces of the vegetable tempura which are like battered and fried vegetables.  Overall, very pleased to have been able to go to a Japanese restaurant and actually eat something!!!!  Next time I will have to try the cook in front of you part as well!


One thought on “Trying Japanese Food

  1. rohrerken says:

    Wow, your posts are getting better every day. Your last two post were really good. I like that your adding the extra details about your overall experience. At this point your eating and trying EVERYTHING. Your great!!! 🙂

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