Tapas in Madrid, Spain!

My picky eating adventures have now landed me in Madrid, Spain to try many new tapas!!! I had a great trip and actually got to experience the food culture.  For my entire life I have heard people suggest restaurants and make suggestions for what you absolutely need to try and is so sooo good.  I was never able to be a part of that experience.  Instead I was always feeling anxious and as soon as possible looking up the menu to see if there would be anything at all on the menu of this suggested restaurant that I would be able to eat.  But that isn’t what my life has to look like anymore.  For Madrid I was able to be given suggestions of places to go and things to try and actually be able to go there and try them!  Isn’t that incredible!!! So my trip to Madrid was a picky eating adventure for me to try different foods at restaurants both by myself and with people and it was great.  Here are all of the amazing things I was able to try on my trip!

Huevos Estrellados,  Cheese Croquettas, Roast Potatoes with Sauce, Cheese Tapas, Tortilla Tapas, Meatball Tapas, Jamon Tapas, Salami Tapas, Cheese and Jamon, Sesame Cracker, Burrata Cheese with Blueberry and Almond Tapa, Tortilla, Ham and Cheese Croquettas, Paella, Churros, Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onion Tapa, Meat and Red and Green Pepper Tapa, Tortilla with Goat Cheese and Carmelized Onion, Pork Carnitas Taco, Four Cheese Montadito and Calamari and Mayonnaise Montadito!

Some of these foods were a little more new to me and so I was more nervous about trying than others.  For example, I had no trouble with the different cheese tapas and the cheese montadito and enjoyed these.  I also had no trouble with the sesame seed crisp and this was tasty as well.  The churros were good and made fresh at our hostel every morning and especially good when you cover them in sugar.  The potato and egg dishes which were the huevos estrellados and the different tortillas were new but I have tried potato and egg a lot now so I wound up actually enjoying these.  Cheese croquettas and ham and cheese croquettas were pretty good and having them with ham was new for me.  Ham and salami are definitely new and are meats I am still getting used to which was on the ham tapas, salami tapas and in the ham and cheese croquettas.  The two tapas one with cheese and caramelized onions and the other with meat and red and green peppers I was intimidated by at first.  It just looks strange and was something I never would have tried before and would have let anyone else at the table eat but the trouble was it was just me so I was worried because I didn’t know what they were and it would be quite obvious if I just left them there untouched.  But instead of fretting about it I just asked the waiter what they were and was pleased to find out that one was goat cheese and caramelized onions and was actually really good.  So much so that I included those flavors in my tortilla that I ordered.  The other was the meat and red and green peppers and was a little bit more of a stretch but I tried it.  The dishes that were completely first tries for me and made me the most nervous were the paella, the pork carnitas taco and fried calamari with mayonnaise.  Going to have to try these flavors several more times before I know how I feel about them.    Overall, very very successful food tour in Spain!!!



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