Viet Thai – Sauteed Noodles with Chicken

That is right ladies and gentlemen I had Asian food for dinner!!!!!!!!  Haha never in my life thought that would happen.  So ordered out from this little place called Chez Fleur that a friend recommended which says it is a Restaurant Viet-Thai so I guess a mix of  Vietnamese and Thai food?  I had no idea what to order and it is also all in French on the menu so we had a few difficulties with translations on the phone while ordering so this was a bit of a toss up to see what we would wind up with but eventually we got everything.  My dish was in the Les Plats de Pates et de Riz section and I got the nouilles sautees au poulet or the sauteed noodles with chicken.  So this dish had really thin long noodles with chicken and vegetables throughout all with the same sauce on them.  I am getting more and more used to chicken the more I try it and am starting to understand how chicken can absorb some of the other flavors it is cooked with.  I can still taste the chicken but I can understand why I have heard people say, “oh chicken doesn’t taste like anything” and I think that is because it can start to taste like whatever you make it with or cook it with.  Also this is another instance that I see where you have the taste of the sauce kind of bringing all of the elements of the dish together.  There are some vegetables mixed in which give the dish a bit of crunch.  I did struggle with eating the noodles a bit because they are all wrapped up together and I don’t know how to break them off so I kind of wind up with larger bites than I intended.  There are a lot of noodles so you don’t have chicken and vegetables in every bite, it just depends.  The sauteed sauce taste is good, it is not really sweet or sour or too strong, it is just an interesting mild flavor.  The sauce kind of makes your lips slick or greasy.  For the vegetables I think there is carrot, onion, pepper, and bean sprouts at least in there with maybe something else.  Overall, this worked pretty well and I actually had viet-thai food, that is so incredible!


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