Chicken Noodle Soup

So chicken noodle soup is supposed to be one of the best things to have when you aren’t feeling well because it is comforting and boosts your immune system.  It was a bit difficult for me to find everything I needed to make this in the grocery store but I seemed to find a few things close enough to make it work.  I have always been wary of chicken noodle soup; it just never seemed particularly appetizing to me.  The smell didn’t really draw me in and it didn’t look to be very tasty.  So this is one I was nervous to try because of some of my preconceived notions but my husband wasn’t feeling well so I decided to try and make some for him and try it myself as well.  The first thing I notice when I try it is the warmth from the soup.  It is interesting how the temperature really comes into play in soups because they really do warm you up.  The only thing I can compare it too is when you feel warmed up with hot chocolate or tea.  It is strange to also have this feeling from a food.

So for the soup itself my original impression is that it tastes different than I thought it would for some reason.  I think the reason is because for me the taste does not really match the smell of the soup.  There are a lot of different textures going on.  It is very strange to me having the liquid and solids all mixed together.  It is like you have to drink or swallow the soup but still chew the food.  It is very weird to me.  The chicken is soft and chewy and the broth is actually a little on the saltier side.  Then there is a little bit of crunch from the carrots and celery but not as much as when they are raw.  They are much softer now and changed their flavor a bit too; they taste a bit milder and sweeter.

So chicken noodle soup was definitely a surprise and not what I expected it to be like.  Since this was my first time cooking this I am not sure how well my batch matches what a really good chicken noodle soup would taste like but it seemed alright.  I would probably cook the chicken a little differently, try and still find the egg noodles and have less salt next time.  I was only ready to try a few spoonfuls so the verdict is still out on this one.


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