Bratwurst in Cologne, Germany!

Another traditional German dish I have heard about is bratwurst which I guess is a type of sausage so I decided to try a bratwurst in Germany!  This is one that I wanted to try to prove a point to myself that I could eat it.  So I have been to Germany before and restaurants or places in the US where an easy quick dish would be just a quick sausage on the go and this is one instance where my picky eating has been very frustrating.  Even if I wanted a quick easy meal, or to try something different it was not something that I could eat.  So then everyone can easily grab a sausage and I am still hungry trying to figure out what to eat or having the only thing that I could eat which I didn’t really want but was all I could have feeling unsatisfied.  So I am glad to have finally overcome this one as well!  This was a very simple dish and all it has was the bratwurst, a little sauce, and a bread role and that was it.  There is not much to hide around in this dish, only the bread roll.  The sausage was warm, very juicy and flavorful.  I had to get used to cutting it though, I now know that it is better to really stab it with your fork and then cut close to your fork so it stays in place and you can cut a piece off without it flying off the table.  haha The dry bread worked well with the sausage and they complemented each other.  I did also visit several bakeries in Germany and man do they have some great bread and pastries!!!


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