Chevre, Miel, Tomates confites, et Pomme Panini

Sooo wrote this entire blog post while I was at the restaurant eating this panini and was completely ready to post and unfortunately it did not save and was deleted when I went to post 😦  So round two…

I had a chevre goat cheese, honey, sun dried tomato and apple panini today at Sucre Sale.  I originally was going to ask to have the panini without the tomatos but I talked with the waitress and she explained to me that they were sun dried tomatoes and not wet raw tomatos so I decided to give it a try.  So for the smell it basically smelled like the toasted bread which is always a good smell.  For the taste you had the bread which was really good and not too hard or too soft and then a sweet and savory combination with the other ingredients.  There was the sweetness from the honey and apples and the savoriness from the goat cheese and the sun dried tomatoes.  The goat cheese and honey taste delicious together and I in my opinion this combination needs to happen more often because it is delicious.  The sun dried tomatoes are different from the other tomatoes I have tried so far and reminded me more of the taste of tomato sauce from a pizza.  The little seeds weird me out a bit but most of the other ingredients covered them up so you didn’t really notice them too much.  For the texture you have the crunch of the bread and little bit of crunch from the apples with everything else a softer texture.  The tomatos did not make the sandwich soggy so it stayed dry and it was easy to hold and eat and you had almost every ingredient in each bite.  The apples and tomatos were spread out and kind of alternated throughout the sandwich so you pretty much had a sweet and savory combo in each bite with the goat cheese and honey throughout.  Overall, I think it was really good and was the perfect size for me for a light lunch and (as an additional perk) was a great price!

20170216_113450One other side note; I also had a delicious chocolate chaude or hot chocolate and man oh man the chocolate is just so good here in Belgium!



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