Gyro Chicken Sandwich

So for lunch today I went to this place Snack Buzlu and got a gyro sandwich with lettuce, carrots, no sauce and the chicken from what I think is a vertical rotisserie spit and french fries.  Of course I first went straight for all of the french fries that were piled up on the sandwich which were good.  The fries were freshly cooked, nice and crispy on the outside while being fluffy and light on the inside.   For the gyro sandwich toppings you can definitely taste the lettuce and carrots individually and any fries that I left on as well as the chicken. The carrots make it a little sweet and the carrots and lettuce both brought a little bit of crunch.  I am still not thrilled with the taste of lettuce and it seems like it is only on the sandwich for the texture of it and the crunch.  The french fries that I left on the sandwich become somewhat less crisp when incorporated into the sandwich but still great on the side.  The sandwich bread is really good and it was a huge sandwich.  The chicken is cut up into lots of little pieces, these were the smallest pieces I have had of chicken so far.  The chicken is cooked differently then I have had it before, I guess it is being roasted on the spit.  It is crispy on part of the little pieces of chicken which is I guess is from the part that was facing the outside of the spit but then not on the rest of the little pieces.  They are small pieces and a little bit drier than some of the other chicken I have tried but spread out in the sandwich for the most part so you have some in each bite.  I can actually hold this sandwich to eat everything unlike the burger from yesterday.  Also my sandwich stayed dry because I did not have any sauce or mayonnaise or anything on it but it seems like most people would put the Belgian andalouse sauce on.  Overall, I am not sure what the normal protocol is for these types of gyros or sandwiches and what you should put on them but I think this worked out pretty well.


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