Bacon Burger with Cheese, Onion and Lettuce

I ordered another burger out a restaurant and decided to try and expand into a few of the other things that are usually on burgers.  So I had it with bacon, cheese, onion and lettuce.  It also wound up coming with a tomato which I was not aware of so that was a surprise.  It was a huge burger and was on a really soft bun and so it kept completely falling apart with all of these extra ingredients which made it really hard to eat.  So for the additions the cheese was fine because I like cheese.  The bacon was not really cooked very crispy like I am used to so it wasn’t as crunchy but was okay.  The lettuce just became soggy because of the other ingredients so I was not really a fan of that.  The tomato also made the bun soggy and I tried to take it off but the juices from it had already soaked in so wasn’t too thrilled with that either.  I couldn’t even really tell where the onion was in most of the bites.  I feel like all these other things kind of took attention away from the burger itself.  It might have been better if I could have actually still picked it up to eat so that I would have a bite with everything but the bun was just crumbling every time I tried to grab it.  Overall, there was a little too much going on for me for this burger today and it was just difficult to eat.  Maybe that is just my inexperience with eating burgers and so much together, I don’t know, but I still tried all the ingredients on it and had it for my whole meal!

On a side note: I also was able to try a bite of a few other dishes that my friends ordered which is really great exposure to be able to try additional things without ordering a full meal of them each time so that was good!



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