Strawberry, Orange and Blueberry Smoothie

I am t20170213_083619rying all these new foods both in order to be able to have more options to eat and order at restaurants and events but also to improve my health as well.  As part of healthy eating I am trying to incorporate the foods that are good for me into my diet so I will be stronger, smarter and healthier.  So I made a fruit smoothie for breakfast this morning to try and get more of these new fruits I have tried actually into my diet.  I used the orange juice from a fresh orange, about 6 full strawberries and a bunch of blueberries.    I have never been a huge fan of all the little seeds and pieces in smoothies, I would rather it be so smooth it is basically juice so this was a little bit on the thick side for me.  Also when you have a straw you don’t feel the texture as much so that sometimes helps.  Overall, it turned out pretty good and I think next time I will just add a bit more juice, so probably a second orange.  It was really tasty though mostly sweet and just a little sour from the blueberries and smoothies seem like a really good way to try and boost the immune system with some fruits.



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