Egg, Ham and Cheese Crepe

There is this wonderful little crepe food truck at the Place Flagey farmers market on the weekends called Creperie Ty Penty and I decided to order lunch while I was at the market and it is wonderful actually having an option for what to eat out on the fly.  I absolutely could have had one of the many delicious sounding dessert crepes but I wanted to order something a little different that I previously wouldn’t have ordered just to know that I could.  So instead I got the Complete crepe which has jambon, ouef et fromage or translated ham, egg and cheese.  The food truck owners are so nice and the crepe was delicious and is made right away and is nice and warm and brought to you immediately.  I wasn’t sure how the combo with the egg would be on a crepe but it worked and you could still taste all three components of the crepe.  I just wanted to celebrate my little bit of extra freedom in having so many more options to be able to order on a menu!  I was also able to use my knife and fork correctly while eating my crepe, which is actually another little success considering that most of the foods I ate previously I didn’t really need to know how to use a knife and fork for.  For some of the new foods that I have tried I am starting to be interested in how other people put these foods together and cook with them to make them even tastier.  It is really starting to open up the culinary world to me for the first time in my life!


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