Hummus, Avocado and Cheese Quesadilla

So what does hummus taste like?  Well the texture is mostly creamy and spreadable kind of like peanut butter but just a little grittier.  It is cold from being refrigerated when I pair it with rosemary and salt crackers.  For the taste it is kind of starchy and reminds me of the beans I just tried in the burrito bowl.  It is not really sweet or sour but I guess more earthy or nutty.  The taste also reminds me of the smell of some middle eastern restaurants.


So I actually made a hummus, avocado and cheese quesadilla as well which is interesting.  I am so used to just my cheese quesadilla that the combo throws me for a bit of a loop.  Just the fact that the quesadilla is more substantial with other ingredients in it is strange.  For the taste I definitely notice the hummus probably even more so than the avocado and I feel like they both kind of overpower the cheese.  Right now I would still prefer my plain old cheese quesadilla.


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