Burrito Bowl with Chicken

So going out on another limb here and trying a burrito bowl from Chez Wawa which has a whole lot of different new things in it.  From what I have heard Chez Wawa is the closest thing you will find to a Chipotle in Belgium where you pick each ingredient that you would like to add to your burrito.  I have to say I was a little nervous for this one because everything is all put together in one bowl.

Mine is made up of brown rice, brown beans with bacon and onions, chicken, sweet salsa with corn, orange, coriander, and cucumber, and cheese.   The chicken is a bit smokey and a little dryer.  The beans are totally new and they are a bit mushy and kind of smokey as well.  They taste different from what I expected for beans to taste like.  They are kind of starchy.  The salsa is bright and kind of sweet with the orange and corn.  The orange gives a little burst of sweetness and juiciness.  The rice and cheese kind of fade into the background of everything else but the rice becomes pretty wet from the beans.  There are so many different tastes and textures going on here; it is crazy.  I tried to taste everything kind of on its own to start with but then actually tried to have a few bites mixed together.  I am not as thrilled with how wet it all becomes.  For the most part I think the chicken dominates the taste but you definitely still have a lot of other tastes and textures going on.

I ate a burrito bowl!!!  I can’t believe it.  I won’t have to just order chips from now on,  I could actually still order something!  That is simply amazing.   I am so proud of myself!


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