Broccoli.  This is one I definitely had a preconceived notion of with hearing stories about how kids never wanted to eat their broccoli but still needed to try for myself.  I decided to steam it but I don’t think I had the right steaming basket because I could completely cover my big pot with the top so after trying this for 5 minutes I just went ahead and dunked the broccoli into the boiling water and boiled for about 2 minutes until they seemed to fall off my fork.  Then I added a little olive oil and salt and pepper to them.

So my first impression when trying broccoli is of the texture and that it is really watery, and next is that it has lots of little pieces from the top texture of the broccoli that hit your tongue.  As far as taste it is a little bitter and seems to taste the way it smells while it is cooking.  Besides being a little bitter it reminds me of some of the other green vegetables I have tried so for some reason the taste of green vegetables seem to be similar.  Perhaps it has to do with certain nutrients that are in green vegetables.  Apparently broccoli is very high in vitamin C as well as in fiber but is pretty low in calories which is always a good thing.  I think I cooked it an okay amount because they are not mushy and are still somewhat crunchy.

So for dinner I had broccoli, mac and cheese and a baked potato.  Quite an unusual little dinner for me and one that I wouldn’t have had even 4 months ago.  I even have everything on the plate together without worrying about them touching too much.  Pretty amazing!



One thought on “Broccoli

  1. judyrohrer says:

    Nice Jessica! Another way to eat broccoli is with the cheese sauce over the top of it. A lot of people like it this way. You would drain the water out of the Brockley and then add the cheese sauce over-the-top. You could use Velveeta cheese or make up your own sauce.

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