Ricotta and Spinach Tortellini

Today I tried Tortelloni Ricotta Epinards which is a cheese and spinach tortellini pasta.  So this is pretty much my introduction into spinach.  I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to add a sauce as well or not to the tortellini so I went ahead and added just a plain butter sauce.  The tortellini is better than I thought it would be.

The tortellini’s are rather large pieces of pasta and then they are filled with this spinach and ricotta blend.  I expected the ricotta and spinach to be separate but they really are combined together for the filling.  So this way the spinach is not as powerful of a taste as I thought it would be, you mostly get the taste of the pasta and the ricotta.  It seems to make the taste a little less cheesy and a little bit more earthy.  It also has more of the consistency of the ricotta then of the spinach combined this way so you don’t have the leafy texture that I would suspect spinach might normally have.  You still have the texture of the pasta with a little bit of wetness from the butter and the softer creamier texture of the filling.

I think I still need to taste spinach on its own either raw or cooked to get a better feel for the taste of spinach.  I had been eyeing this dish at the store for a few weeks so this helps me breath another sigh of relief because now I know I can add another dish as a possibility when ordering food in a restaurant.  Another dish conquered!!!


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