Honey Mustard Pork

Tonight I made this honey mustard pork from Picard called Porc Desossees a la Moutarde et au Miel.  I hope I cooked it the right amount, still hard for me to be able to tell but I followed the french instructions on the box for the non-defrosted version.  My first thoughts are that it is again chewy, a little juicy and sticks to your teeth with a similar texture to steak and chicken which makes sense because it is also a meat.  I can definitely taste the honey mustard with a little bit of sweetness and a little bit of tang.  It is still weird to me how the texture can be different depending on if it is in the center of the meat or on the outside.  I kind of expected the pork to taste a little bit more like bacon since it is meat coming from the same animal but it doesn’t really and it is such a different texture.

On a side note I had this with a baked potato again and I am starting to actually enjoy the baked potatoes which is exciting.  It is surprising going from just trying something many times to actually wanting to make one for dinner for a new food.  It is exciting because it means there is hope that I will actually start to enjoy some of all these other new foods I am trying and one day really look forward to eating these meals and foods that I have dreaded all of my life.  There is hope!


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