Salmon and Asparagus

So I am feeling confident after my trip to Rome and decided to be a bit aggressive and start trying fish.  I decided to try baked salmon and this one is hard because I really don’t know if I cooked it the right amount of time or not.  What I have read says that it should be light pink and flaky when it is done.  I kept it simple with just lemon, salt and pepper on the salmon.  My first thought when trying it is that the salmon also has that same chewy, stick to your teeth aspect that the other meats seem to have.  I don’t know about the taste for this one, seems strange and well…fishy.  There is also some sort of little different texture piece every once and a while mixed in which I am not a fan of and take out.  Besides those little pieces it is mostly flaky and drier than the other meats I have tried.

The asparagus I tried again with the lemon, salt, pepper and garlic powder and cooked it on the same baking sheet as the salmon for a similar amount of time.  It is interesting how the same toppings of lemon salt and pepper still make the two types of food taste different but still try and tie them together again. I actually taste the lemon more on the asparagus than on the salmon.


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