Life long dream accomplished – pasta in Italy!!!

So for a long time I have had this dream of trying new foods, of one day being able to actually eat normal foods and order something at a restaurant without the anxiety just like everyone else.  That is a pretty broad goal and dream though and so one of the things I have learned when trying to change or accomplish a goal is to set a more measurable objective.  One of the strategies is to ask yourself, “What will my end goal look like?”  I thought of, “Well it will look like a new food every week or every month,” as shown from one of my older posts.  That didn’t really work because that is what I would need to do to get to the goal.  But what would it really look like, what do I really want from this, what does it look like when I have accomplished my goal?  So after having this idea in the back of my mind for a long time I thought, “Being able to order pasta in Italy.”  That is it.  If I am able to do that then I really have made a change.  Of course I was still skeptical even with myself because I was like well that is just one food, but the idea was there.  The idea that if I have really changed I will have tried new foods enough to make it to one of the foods that I have really struggled with and that is pasta.

I am so incredibly proud of myself to say that I did it!!!! I ordered and ate several dishes of pasta in Italy!!!   How absolutely amazing is that!!! 🙂  Truly a miracle for a picky eater.  I tried spaghetti alla carbonara, spaghetti cacio e pepe, gnocchi all sorrentina, fettucinne all’alfredo, lasagna, and fettucinne al tartufo.  Not to mention I also tried pizzas while in Rome as well and not just white pizzas but normal red sauce pizzas as well.  So pasta and pizza in Italy,  isn’t that such a great place to really try those foods!


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