Pasta with Red Sauce

Today I tried the pasta with red sauce because I am still trying to get used to the red sauce flavor.  I made a penne pasta and used Ragu sauce and added lots of cheese.  I didn’t use very much sauce to try making on my own this first time and just put it in a pot to heat up with a little water added in.  It is still not my favorite flavor but I am getting a little bit more used to it.  Having a lot of cheese also helped.  The red sauce flavor mellowed out a little bit with the extra water and by not using very much compared to the stronger smell of the Ragu sauce before heating it up.  I got a little bit of the sweetness this time but also a little tartness.  For the texture I had it become more of a smooth sauce because I didn’t have any chunks of anything else in it.  So then there were the three textures combined on this with the pasta, cheese and sauce.  These were softer textures and a little slimy sometimes with the sauce on the pasta.


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