This summer in Belgium they had a stand where they were giving out free kiwis as a refreshing snack at the summer festival and it was something that I wouldn’t eat or try at the time.  My husband had one and enjoyed it but I was not comfortable with trying something that different so I am interested now to try one and see what it tastes like.

So today I tried a kiwi for the first time.  My first thought is that kiwi reminds me of strawberries.  It reminds me of strawberries because of the texture, because it also has a lot of seeds and because it is juicy. The taste of it is sweet and a little bit tangy.  So happy to report that at the next festival where kiwis are being given out for free I will be able to participate and enjoy one as well.

When I was looking up how to eat a kiwi I am across several health benefits for this little fruit.  Most notably that it has a lot of vitamin C and can boost your immune system, help with your digestion, help with managing blood pressure, reduce your risk of other health conditions, reduce your risk of blood clots, help support weight loss and protect against eye problems.  So this would be another good fruit to add into my diet.  Maybe I will start looking into making smoothies or something with all these new fruits.


One thought on “Kiwi

  1. judyrohrer says:

    Very interesting post, Jessica. I knew about the vitamen C benefits of kiwi but not about all the other information you provided. Because of your post, I will eat more kiwi fruit myself. Thank you!

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