Fried Rice with Chicken

I tried fried rice with chicken at a Japanese restaurant for lunch.  I have never been able to eat anything at all at any Asian restaurant before so I was nervous but also excited to see if I could actually have something to eat.  I was hungry for lunch too so really wanted to be able to eat something and I did!

I had the little fried rice puffs they brought out at first.  They were very light and crunchy and a little salty.   Then for my meal I ordered the fried rice with chicken.  The fried rice had eggs and vegetables cut up into small pieces and incorporated into it such as red pepper, carrots, and green pepper.  I even tried the chicken as well.  The chicken tasted a little different than previous chicken I have tried which I think is because of the sauce they cooked it in.  The fried rice was more flavorful than the normal plain white rice I have tried with butter and salt and pepper again both because of being cooked with the chicken, eggs and vegetables but also because of the sauce that they add.  You would get a tiny bit of a crunch from the small pieces of vegetables and could also taste the egg but this is another thing where all of the different tastes are kind of tied together with the sauce.  Overall, another successful experience with trying new food in a restaurant.  First time for me ordering and having something to eat in an Asian restaurant ever!!!!


One thought on “Fried Rice with Chicken

  1. judyrohrer says:

    Fantastic Jessica! You are really broadening your food experiences. I am curious to know if you like chicken prepared the Asian way better than how you have been tasting it. It sounds like having it in small pieces combined with other foods is more appealing to you. I am still amazed at the “food connoisseur” you have become! Nice job!

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