Homecooked Cheeseburger

I have tried a cheeseburger a couple different times now at a fast food place or that I cooked with my family trying to get used to the flavors and textures.  This is the first full one I have made by myself at home so I was a little nervous.  I made it in a frying pan with oil and a little salt and pepper on it.  I think I cooked it okay and that it is cooked all the way through because there does not appear to be any pink inside.  I used a bread roll that I found at the store instead of the normal burger buns so there is a good amount of bread but I made the burger pretty large too so I think they balance each other out.

You can definitely taste more of the actual burger meat in this one than say in a fast food one because the patty is so thick.  The burger is chewy and kind of moist and the taste is still kind of salty and greasy.  I like that the burger is insulated by the bread and your tongue isn’t just hit immediately with the burger.  You can taste the cheese but because this has so much bread and the burger is so large I probably should have put two pieces of cheese on it.  One thing I haven’t mentioned much yet is as I have cooked I have noticed just how much food you wind up with in these recipes, I always have left overs.  This was a large burger but still it is so much food!  I made roast potatoes with it as well and I am so full with just half of the amount of food I cooked.  I thought about this because previously I would always just order fries at a restaurant or fast food place and usually the fries alone would fill me up so I am amazed that people can eat a whole burger and a whole order of large fries as well.  That might just be me though.

Here is also a picture from when I made little sliders in December as well for dinner!





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