Bianca Pizza with Goat Cheese

So I made a white pizza with goat cheese and red onions from a Marley Spoon recipe today.  I will admit I left off the spinach but this already had a lot of ingredients going on.  Overall, I think it turned out pretty good and was able to eat it for dinner.

This was definitely more of a dry white pizza whereas with most pizzas you have some sort of sauce either with olive oil or garlic sauce or tomato sauce.  This really didn’t have any sauce and so it was a little difficult to eat because the everything kept falling off.  There were a lot of components going on with this: crust, cooked red onion, goat cheese, garlic, raisins, pine nuts, thyme, and seasonings.  The goat cheese was delicious and the pizza dough was really good too.  So you had some sweetness with the onions and raisins, some richness with the cheese, some earthiness with the pine nuts and thyme, and it made for a good balance.  The garlic and vinegar tastes makes an appearance every once and a while but was not overwhelming.  The goat cheese and the onions are what dominate the flavor the most which also makes sense because they are the most prominent on the pizza.

There are a couple different textures going on so you definitely have to chew through to get everything.  The crust and the onions are the crunchiest for the most part.  The cheese, raisins, and pine nuts all are pretty soft in texture.  I have to get used to also taking a bite and having extra onions come with my bite than I was planning for which is annoying.  So it is definitely a combination of textures and tastes all together.


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