Fried Eggplant

Fried eggplant, which is an aubergine in Belgium, was an interesting one to cook.  So ideally you would cut the eggplant into round pieces of a somewhat similar thickness so that they would cook the same.  I had some trouble with actually cutting it into even pieces though (still learning knife skills).  The pieces then sit out with salt on them to draw out some of the moisture and are fried in a flour beer batter.  For the texture of the eggplant it was fried so that the outside was crunchy but the inside cooks and is kind of soft and mushy.  The taste is mostly dominated by the fried outside with the salt.  The inside taste was not very sweet or sour but was kind of mild overall.  I should also note that they get soggy after sitting out for a while which is not desirable so best to eat these right after they come out of the pan and are still crunchy.


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