So many new foods…so many things to describe

I am a bit behind in writing about all of the new foods I have tried this December and during the holidays but I have made huge progress and want to celebrate that and keep my momentum going.  I will be trying a lot of these foods again to start getting used to the different flavors and textures but for now just wanted to celebrate this huge list of at least 35 new foods that I have tried!!!!!!

Christmas lasagna! Spaghetti with my mom’s red Sunday sauce! A hot dog, corn, and mac and cheese!  Filet Mignon steak! Broccoli! Cheeseburger! Sausage three different ways! Fried eggplant! Cardonis!  Clams casino!  Deviled eggs! Prosciutto! Cauliflower! Risotto! Mashed potatoes with the skins! Chicken cutlets! Roast chicken! Beef cutlets! Carrots and lettuce!  Turkey!  Squash! Grilled cheese with bacon and onions! Breakfast sandwich with fried egg, cheese and bacon! Roasted potatoes! Cod fritter!  Sweet Plantains!  Taco with ground beef and cheese!  Rice! Potato Skins with cheese and bacon!  Mushrooms!  Yogurt with berries and granola!

In the meantime, for lunch I had a spaghetti with four cheese sauce.  It is different than some of the macaroni and cheese I have had because it is a much more liquid cream cheese sauce instead of more of a cheese sauce that sticks to the pasta.  So I am not sure if that is exactly how it is meant to be or if that is just a cooking error.  I am getting more used to the pasta taste and the cheese sauce is really hot.  The cheese is good and this pasta is a better size than spaghetti but the smaller macaronis are still preferable for me.


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