OH MY GOODNESS I tried chicken – ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

So chicken has been my worst enemy for the longest time because everyone always eats chicken and I don’t.  Even picky eaters sometimes would have chicken nuggets or something in their list of picky foods but I don’t.

But I tried a few bites of it today, which is a huge jump for me.  So I don’t like that it is different textures in different places, but making them into smaller specific pieces helps. I am not thrilled with the texture but also not sure if how I cooked it is how the texture would normally be.  I just cooked them in a frying pan with butter and salt and pepper.  It is kind of sticky on my teeth almost when I chew which is weird.  It is wet and chewy and some pieces are thicker and more solid than others which can be split up or piecy, chewy or mealy.

For the taste I don’t really know what to say yet; it isn’t super flavorful and I can taste the butter and salt and pepper a little bit but it is really more about the texture than anything else.

I also just don’t like the way it looks for some reason with the inconsistency in pieces and little extra bits here and there.  I don’t know so not sure about chicken yet but the most important thing is I tried it which is a huge step that I am proud of.


One thought on “Chicken

  1. judyrohrer says:

    Wow!!!! Huge accomplishment there! There are all ways to cook and eat chicken so don’t give up on it yet! This is great that you tried it! So proud of you! 🙂

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