4 Cheese Raviolli

Ok so I tried some four cheese raviolli as my next new food and this was ok.  I am starting to get used to the different pasta flavors.  It has the same breaded pasta taste but then has cheese on the inside in this case kind of as a pleasant surprise.  So the raviolli are larger pieces of pasta so you have to take it as one large bite but they have cheese on the inside in this case.  So the mac and cheese has the cheese on the outside and this has the cheese on the inside.  I just put a simple butter and salt and pepper sauce on the outside so it is mostly about the raviolli and cheese.  You have it a little slippery from the butter and I also put a bit of shredded cheddar on the outside.  It is very interesting.  I had more than just a bite of this though I really had it as my dinner which is pretty amazing.  I had a bit of a casualty with this one because when I was pouring the water out I poured some of it on my hand so my finger is a bit burnt now, ouch.  Overall, this worked pretty well.


One thought on “4 Cheese Raviolli

  1. judyrohrer says:

    OOps! Hope your finger is OK! You continue to try new foods and do well with them! We are so proud of your recent accomplishments! Keep it up!

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