I tried two quiches which I guess are similar to pies with a pastry crust except made with egg and they are not really desserts.  I tried a cheese and ham quiche and my initial impression was that it was soft and warm.  I find it so interesting how some of these flavors change and merge into one another into kind of a different flavor together when they are combined.  You have the crust which is crunchy on the outside.  You can taste the egg but not in the way you would taste scrambled eggs, you can taste the cheese but it is a mild cheese, you can taste the ham but again mostly as a bit of saltiness and you can taste the crust but mostly notice it more for the crunchiness.  I also tried a bite at lunch of this quiche as well which has spinach in it.  The texture and consistency was also very soft but had a little bit different taste with the spinach.



One thought on “Quiche

  1. judyrohrer says:

    This is phenomenal! Spinach quiche is one of my favorites! Did you like it? This is a common party food so a good one to add to your list! Nice job, Jess!

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