Macaroni and Cheese with Ham

This afternoon I went to Cafe Chicago in Brussels and ordered the Macaroni Jambon Fromage as my actual meal which is a macaroni and cheese with ham.  This is something I never ever would have done even just a week ago.  Macaroni or any type of pasta is new to me so to actually order it as a meal instead of just taking a few bites is a huge step.  I like the top crunchy layer of the mac and cheese.  It is definitely different with the ham in it as well and makes it a little bit chewier and saltier with more to chew through.  I am starting to get used to the mac and cheese part which was actually pretty good.  The macaronis are a bit larger than you would see in something like the Kraft box mac and cheese which is weird because you need to take larger bites of everything.  It is still strange how it is crunchy on the top layer and then soft and squishy and warm with the macaroni and cheese and ham on the inside.  So you have the different textures from the top of the mac and cheese, from the macaroni itself, from the cheese and from the ham as well as the change in temperature all going on.  The taste is still mostly controlled by the cheese but in this case the ham also makes it a little bit saltier.  So this was a successful dish ordered in a restaurant which is very exciting!


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