Pizza #2 – Repetition

Today was more about repetition and trying some of the new foods again.   I have found that there are several steps to this process of trying new foods.  The first is being able to just try a new food with a bite or two and know that my body won’t reject it and it is okay.  The second is about repetition and trying it several times to really get used to the taste and texture and decide if it is a food I like.  The the third is being able to order it and eat it as a full meal at a restaurant and truly incorporate into my diet.  Another spin off from this process is actually learning how to cook to be able to try some of these new foods, which has challenges in of itself.

So today I actually ordered a Croque Monsier in a restaurant for lunch today, took several bites of the lettuce from the side salad, and had another pizza with red sauce for dinner.  I also have been trying to snack on at least one kale chip every day.  I am in the second step for most of the new foods I have tried recently like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, plain cheeseburger and chicken nuggets.  I have tried scrambled eggs, bacon, and baked potatoes several times now so starting to move into the third step for those three foods.  I have been most successful with completing all three steps with various cheeses, avocados, sweet potato fries, cheese pizza with no sauce, and clementines so far!


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