Tomato soup

So along with the theme of grilled cheese with the Croque Monsier I tried tomato soup tonight.  This is one I was nervous for because I have difficulty with the pizza sauce taste  and I knew it would probably be similar.  Now this is one that I think actually tastes the way it smells.  It is funny but I have noticed that several things do not actually taste the way the smell or the way you would expect them to based on their smell.  So for the taste it is similar to pizza sauce but it has a much more consistent texture instead.  So the texture is smooth and creamy like something you would drink.  I haven’t ever had soup before so that is definitely new to me.  What is interesting that I didn’t expect is that the heat really comes into play.  One of the first things I react to is the temperature with the warmth of the soup.  I guess flavor wise it is kind of tart.  I put cheddar cheese in it but i don’t really taste it; probably would have needed to put more in.

It’s funny but my overall impression of it is not really the taste so much as the warmth.  I can see why people go for tomato soup when it is cold out to have it be warm and comforting the way I feel warm and comforted by hot chocolate.


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