Croque Monsier

I love grilled cheese sandwiches, that has been one of my main meals for all of my life.  Here in Belgium we have noticed that they don’t have grilled cheese on its own very often but they do have Croque Monsier’s a lot.  Croque Monsier’s are similar to grilled cheese except it also has ham in it so grilled cheese and ham sandwich.  Ham has always freaked me out so this is definitely something new for me to try another type of meat.  So with the ham the texture of the sandwich changes, it is not just creamy cheese that you have to bite through you have to bite through the ham as well which I was surprised by.  So it is also more of a chewy bite with the ham.   As far as the taste the cheese and bread are familiar the ham seems to add a little bit of saltiness.  This will be great for opening up a few more options at restaurants.


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