What in the world? What is going on with these asparagus things?  So I made asparagus by baking them in the over with some olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and lemon juice on them.  So they have a different texture at the top than the do at the bottom.  They have all these little prickles at the top and are thinner but more consistent texture on the inside then are thicker with less prickles but less consistent texture with it much softer on the inside than the outside at the bottom of the stalk.  The little prickles at the top are weird and kind of throw me off.  They have a weird flavor I don’t know, kind of like the green beans I guess.  I also have all the other flavors with the salt and pepper and lemon and garlic interacting with it too but overall they seem kind of bitter to me.  Crunchier at the top than at the bottom.  Towards the bottom you really need to bite through a little more on the outside and then they are kind of mushy on the inside.  I don’t know that is definitely a strange one.


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