Ok so rice is these little beads or little pieces which is weird.  For the texture they are not super soft but definitely not hard, crunchy or chewy.  Maybe that has to do with how I cooked it though.  The rice doesn’t seem to have a strong taste on its own.  I added butter and salt and pepper but not too much so even with that there is not a significant taste.  It is weird placing the smell of rice with its actual flavor.  I feel like it is more aromatic than it actually tastes.  Trying rice for me has a lot of meaning because I have sat at so many Asian restaurants and been unable to eat anything the entire meal, including even plain rice and since they don’t have bread baskets or chips or anything else any Asian restaurant pretty much meant I wasn’t eating for that meal.  It is such a relief to have tried plain rice and as I have been told over and over and over again by friends and family realize it doesn’t taste like much.


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