Caesar salad

Caesar salad – another huge stretch for me because there are so many ingredients and because it has chicken.  A lot of different flavors to combine all at once but overall the taste seems very bitter to me.  The croutons are fine and the cheese is fine but the lettuce is bitter and the Caesar salad dressing is kind of sour and bitter as well.  The lettuce is crunchy and of varying lengths which makes it a bit hard to eat.  It is hard to get everything together for one even bite.  I am just trying to get used to those two big flavors of the lettuce and Caesar dressing before adding a lot of the others.  I tried one bite of the chicken but it is cold, chewy and unappetizing so I will have to try again another time and I did not try the tomatoes.  Right now I do not know how I feel about salad, doesn’t seem to taste very good to me.


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