Kale Chips

So trying kale chips is another one more about taste and also with the idea so get some green food in my diet.  It is also a big trend right now in the US as an alternative low calorie snack food to potato chips.  Plus right now I have very few vegetables in my diet which this could help with.  So I made the kale chips with olive oil and salt and a little garlic powder and were pretty simple to make as long as you keep an eye on them.  The texture is crunchy which is good but I don’t like when you get little pieces or the stringy parts stuck in your teeth.  They are also pretty light, crispy and crumbly.  They are mostly dry with a little bit of wetness from the olive oil.  As far as the taste goes I like the olive oil and salt part of the taste and then the kale itself is bitter.  But since I can make a lot at once I will be able to easily keep trying them for the next few days which will be good to help get used to the new taste.


One thought on “Kale Chips

  1. Judy Rohrer says:

    This is a good snack for you to get to like: it is loaded with calcium and vitamens. You can add any spice to it you want: Nelly adds cayenne pepper to really kick up the heat!

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