Pasta with Butter

Latest in my new food adventures is pasta with butter.  I am hoping to work up to a common pasta dish that I would be able to order in restaurants.  I cooked with penne pasta and just added butter, salt, pepper and a little bit of Parmesan cheese.  Strange, it is different than the macaronis or shells with cheese.  The noodles are a lot bigger and you have to commit to a much larger noodle right away instead of smaller bites with the macaronis or shells which I am not thrilled with, I like the smaller ones better.  The noodles are still squishy and they are chewy but I think a little firmer than when I made the mac and cheese. I don’t know which way they are really supposed to be. The butter sauce doesn’t taste as much as I thought it would; it is there but not the way I expected.  They are a little slick/slimy because they are coated in the butter but the ones that have a little bit more butter on them taste a little better.  Best news of all is I had more than just one noodle,  I actually had a significant amount of the pasta.  Moving towards a real restaurant dish I could order is very exciting!


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