Mashed Potatos

Ok so next food on the list is mashed potatoes.  This seems to be a side dish at a lot of places so hopefully it will be a good one to add.  So this is definitely weird for me because it basically takes the part I least like about french fries and enhances it.  I have always liked french fries for the crunchiness and saltiness.  Mashed potatoes are exactly as they sound: mashed and mushy.  It is the same potato flavor with some salt, pepper, butter and milk which are all familiar tastes it just significantly changes the texture.  So this is a good one for me to get used to other textures with.  I am not thrilled with what I would call a mushy texture but others might call a creamy texture but I was able to eat it.  I also think I need to practice cooking these a bit as my batch was a little bit lumpy.  Overall, they were doable but I prefer potatoes in some of their other forms.

Also on a side note I found this article which I thought was interesting because it talks about some of the same strategies that I have been trying to employ in trying new foods for picky eaters.



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