Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire …

I cooked fresh roasted chestnuts the other day!  Chestnuts are not a new food for me but it is actually an interesting one because it is not a common type of nut like peanuts or almonds but it is one that I have tried and like.  We usually have them around the holidays.  It was very exciting to find out that here in Belgium they actually have chestnut trees around and imagine my surprise when you see real chestnuts on the ground below a chestnut tree!  So I was able to pick up real chestnuts from right below a chestnut tree and bring them home to roast.  You just cut a little x in each one and then cook them in the oven.  With a good chestnut when you peel the shell away ideally you have a soft grainy nut so it is an interesting texture.  The taste is hard to describe, they are a little sweet, nutty and earthy.  I hope with the holidays around the corner you are able to cozy up next to a fire and have some roasted chestnuts.


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