Mac and Cheese

So first I tried a baked Mac and Cheese that my husband and I made from scratch with some good cheeses.  I started just trying a little bread crumb on the top which was safe.  Then I tried one of the cheesy crunchy top macaronis but mostly just the cheese.  I like the crunchy cheese top layer.  Wasn’t sure about trying the actual slimier noodles underneath all that top layer of cheese though.  It is weird because it changes temperature and texture on you as you try the two different parts of the macaroni.  The macaronis were not as slimy as I expected but they were still kind of sticky and pretty chewy. We used all cheeses I know and like which is helpful of course because I love cheese and I could see exactly what was being put in to the recipe.  So now for the actual macaroni taste.  My husband and family have told me before that it tastes similar to bread but I really didn’t understand how that could be possible.  It looks so different from bread with such a different texture and way of being cooked but I kind of understand it now.   It isn’t light and fluffy like bread but I can see how the taste is similar.  This was a huge one for me!!!!

I have tried it a few other times since with either a piece or two here and there if we happened to order mac and cheese at a restaurant and most recently I just made the standard Kraft Mac and Cheese shells.  The shells are still pretty chewy and wet with the cheese sauce.  The Kraft cheese sauce is a somewhat familiar taste though because I have had Kraft american cheese slices my whole life.  I am trying more than just one or two shells though now but actual bites with several pieces.  Mac and cheese could really give me several more options at restaurants which would be great.  It gives me some hope.

Quick question – What’s the best way to reheat mac and cheese and about how long does it stay good for?


2 thoughts on “Mac and Cheese

  1. judyrohrer says:

    Good job on the mac & cheese Jessie! Keep up the good work as you discover all different types of foods to eat!

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