Cooked Red Peppers & Onions

Ok so after several times trying red peppers raw I moved forward to trying cooked peppers.  I was surprised that they really change taste and texture more than I would have thought.  They seemed fleshier than when they are raw and kind of more mellowed out.  They also were sweeter and not as crisp.  Also as expected they are warm from being cooked instead of the raw peppers being cold from the fridge.  They actually do smell good when you are cooking them which I think helps prepare for the taste.  I also think that because they are colorful it makes them look more appetizing.  I also don’t know if it is just from the black pepper I sprinkled on with the salt or if it is the red pepper itself that is a little hot (as in less than spicy) as well.

Now onions are even more surprising,  they literally go from something that stings your eyes into something that is sweet.  I never would have thought it would change like that.  They also shrink so much after being cooked in the pan.  As far as texture goes they are kind of soft like the red peppers but not as fleshy.  It is interesting and not at all what I thought onions would taste like.


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