New Food Breakfast – Bacon, Eggs and Avocado Toast

I cooked and ate a completely new food breakfast!  I had toast with avocado on it instead of butter.  I cooked one scrambled egg with salt and pepper and I made two full pieces (4 small pieces) of bacon AND believe it or not I actually had this for breakfast.  Not just one small bite of each but actually had multiple bites, enough to fill me up for breakfast.   As far as taste and texture, this bacon is very salty and crispy and the eggs are still a little weird for the taste and still seem to have an inconsistent texture to me.  The avocado toast I have been trying for the longest and have a consistent thin layer of the avocado on my toast similar to what I would spread on it if it were butter.  I do not have large pieces of the avocado on the toast,  which is about less than one half of one side of an avocado.  I have been trying the scrambled eggs and the bacon individually several times recently one little bit at a time to get to this point and I am very proud of myself for this.  I never thought it would actually be possible for me to say I had bacon and eggs for breakfast!


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