French Crepes

I made French crepes!  As part of my picky eating adventures I am trying to learn how to cook as well because cooking and trying new foods are invariably related.  It is hard to just try new foods without also learning how to cook.  So one recipe that I have really enjoyed that my parents would make is our homemade crepe recipe.  So I decided to give it a shot on my own and they turned out pretty good.  The first one was a complete disaster, I had way too much oil and the pan wasn’t hot yet so it wasn’t cooking at all.  But once I got through a few more I got the hang of it and they were good!  I just put powdered sugar in mine before rolling them up and topping with a bit more powdered sugar but you can put lots of other things in them too like fruits or melted chocolate or nutella but I like the simple sugar so you can really taste the crepe.  These crepes have a hint of vanilla in them with the edges a bit crispy and the rest of the crepe soft and flexible.  Overall, successful first attempt at making crepes!


One thought on “French Crepes

  1. judyrohrer says:

    Nice job, Jessica! I have learned that smell has quite a bit to do with what one finds appealing. If you like the smell of vanilla, you might try adding more to the recipe to make the crepes even more appealing! So glad to see you are expanding your horizons. I think preparing the food yourself has made it easier for you to then taste it. Way to go!

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