I tried Bacon!!!! This is a huge one for me.  Up until this point I have not eaten any meat products what so ever and I actually tried bacon.  Bacon is one that other picky eaters have actually been able to incorporate into their diet so we thought it would be a good introduction into meats.  I have heard so many people say that I would like bacon because it has the crunchy salty texture similar to other foods I have had.  Well I finally tried a tiny bit of it.  It is salty like people have described and for the most part it is crunchy if it is cooked really crisp.  The texture is not uniform throughout, you can have a crunchier section and a not so crunchy section depending on how it is cooked.  I am ok with it if it is super crunchy and crispy.  Definitely still getting used to it but have tried it a couple times now and am very happy with my progress so far.  This really is something I never imagined would be possible.


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