What do Eggs taste like?

I have made a lot of progress the last few weeks with trying new foods and learning how to cook a few recipes.  Eggs is a strange one for me because I have had so many things with eggs in them but never really had eggs just by them self and there are so many ways to prepare them.  They are in so many recipes to cook with but they have always wierded me out on their own.  So I started with scrambled eggs.  I’ve seen scrambled eggs that look super slimy and wet but have also heard them described as light and fluffy.  So which will I wind up with?  I don’t like that they are varied based on the bite and don’t look consistent throughout.  Apparently some of that may be from when cheese mixed in.  My first thought when I try the scrambled egg is that it reminds me of french toast which I have had before because we added a bit of cinnamon.  For the taste I don’t really know how to describe.  For the texture they could be wet or dry depending on how they are cooked, kind of grainy, sticks in my throat a bit and they are mushy.  They are easier to eat on toast from what I have found.  I will need to keep trying them to really get used to the flavor and texture and then start trying eggs made in other ways.


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